Expatriate and Personal Tax

Taxpayer Services for Individuals and Expatriates in Malta

We understand the unique tax challenges that expatriates and individuals face when relocating to Malta. Our specialised expatriate and personal tax services are designed to help you navigate the Maltese tax system, optimise your personal tax position, and ensure compliance with local tax regulations.

Understanding your tax residency status and the implications of non-domiciled status is essential for expatriates in Malta. Our tax services help you determine your tax residency, navigate the rules around non-domiciled status, and structure your finances in a tax-efficient manner.

We are able to assist expatriates in determining their tax residency status in Malta based on the applicable rules and regulations. Our experts provide guidance on the benefits and requirements of non-domiciled status, helping you structure your finances in a tax-efficient manner. We provide guidance on social security and national insurance contribution obligations, helping you understand the applicable rules, ensure compliance, and make good with your social security contributions.

We offer personalised income tax planning services to help you make the most of your personal tax position. Our tax professionals will analyse your income sources, deductions, and exemptions to develop strategies that minimise your tax liability, whilst ensuring compliance with Maltese tax laws. If you’re working as an expatriate in Malta and have tax equalisation or totalisation arrangements with your employer, our tax services can help you understand the implications and ensure compliance with these arrangements. We provide guidance on tax equalisation calculations and assist with reporting requirements.

We also assist expatriates in taking advantage of double taxation relief provisions available under tax treaties between Malta and other countries. Our experts ensure that you claim the appropriate tax credits or exemptions to avoid being taxed on the same income in multiple jurisdictions.

Remaining compliant with Maltese tax laws and regulations is crucial to avoiding penalties and legal issues. Our tax services will help you meet your personal tax compliance obligations, including the preparation and filing of personal tax returns, ensuring accuracy and timely submission.