Moore specialises in providing comprehensive tax services tailored to the needs of businesses operating in Malta. Our experienced tax professionals have in-depth knowledge of the Maltese tax system, and can assist you in navigating its complexities, optimizing your tax strategy, and ensuring compliance with local tax regulations.

By leveraging our expertise in Maltese tax laws, we can help you identify tax-saving opportunities, incentives, and deductions that can enhance your tax position and maximize your after-tax profits. Meanwhile, our tax services ensure that you meet all the obligations of the tax system in Malta, including the timely filing of tax returns, accurate tax calculations, and compliance with reporting requirements, minimising the risk of penalties and legal issues. Our experts analyse your business structure, operations, and transactions to develop customised tax strategies that align with your objectives.

We also provide personal tax services to individuals residing or conducting business in Malta. Our experts assist with personal income tax planning in Malta, Maltese tax compliance, and optimising your personal tax position, ensuring you meet your tax obligations whilst maximising on tax benefits and exemptions.

VAT is a crucial component of the Maltese tax system. Our team can assist you in navigating the complexities of VAT, including VAT registration, compliance, and reporting. We provide guidance on VAT implications for domestic and cross-border transactions.

We’ll ensure that your tax compliance obligations are met efficiently and accurately, assisting you in the preparation and filing of various tax returns, including corporate tax returns, VAT returns, and other applicable filings. We also provide advisory services on recordkeeping requirements and help you with responding to tax authority inquiries.

Malta offers a range of tax incentives and reliefs to promote investment, innovation, and economic growth. We help you identify and leverage these incentives, including tax credits, deductions, and special tax regimes. If your business engages in cross-border transactions or operates internationally, our international tax services can help you navigate the complexities of global tax regulations. We provide guidance on international tax planning, transfer pricing, double tax treaties, and other relevant considerations.

Our range of tax services are as follows: