Expert Reports

We offer expert report services in the field of audit and assurance, in order to assist you with resolving financial and regulatory matters. Our team of certified auditors and industry experts can provide authoritative expert reports to support legal proceedings, dispute resolutions, and other specialised engagements.

  • CA, 1995 Article 73(4) Report: We provide expert reports under Article 73(4) of the Maltese Companies Act in compliance with Technical Release AUDIT01/05 issued by the Malta Institute of Accountants. We analyse the value of the in-kind consideration for the issue and allotment of shares and report on whether the asset is capable of economic assessment as required under Article 73(1) of the Maltese Companies Act. Our expert reports also determine whether the value of the in-kind contribution corresponds to the number and nominal value, and where applicable, the premium on the shares to be issued.
  • Litigation Support: We provide expert reports and testimony to support litigation proceedings involving financial and audit-related matters. Our auditors will analyse and interpret complex financial data, accounting principles, and auditing standards to provide clear and credible opinions.
  • Dispute Resolution: Our expert reports can help facilitate dispute resolution processes, such as arbitration or mediation, by presenting impartial and objective analysis of financial information and audit-related issues. We assist in quantifying damages, evaluating financial claims, and providing expert opinions on matters in dispute.
  • Regulatory Investigations: Our experts can assist your enterprise when facing regulatory investigations by conducting thorough reviews of financial records and audit processes. We can present findings, interpretations of regulations, and recommendations to address any identified issues or concerns.
  • Fraud and Forensic Investigations: In cases involving fraud or financial misconduct, our auditors can perform detailed forensic investigations. We analyse financial transactions, identify irregularities, and provide expert reports on findings, including the nature and extent of fraudulent activities, financial damages, and recommendations for prevention and recovery.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Reporting: We can assist you in ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and reporting requirements. Our auditors can prepare expert reports that validate compliance, assess internal controls, and provide recommendations for improving compliance processes.
  • Due Diligence Reviews: Our auditors are able to conduct due diligence reviews for mergers, acquisitions, and other business transactions. We assess financial statements, internal controls, and audit processes to provide comprehensive expert reports that help evaluate the financial health and potential risks associated with the transaction.